Saturday, 15 October 2011

we watched the machinist today a film about a an industrial worker who hasn't slept in a year and eats very little and is slowly doubting his sanity, christian bale acting in the film is superb and the stress his body must of had to gone under to get so skinny is incredible especially compared to his bodily form in batman, i found his character very intriguing he had allot of depth and emotions and has given me interesting ideas to think about when I'm designing a characters, i enjoyed the film allot because it kept my attentions because i always wanted to know what was going on and to find out this massive plot  i think if i were to watch again i notice lots of little things that lead the underline story in different ways one of the main things in the film that kept me interested and confused was the daysharvu of the film it all kept repeating it self but just in different places a long time before the plot came clear,
i thought the directing seemed very good by brad Anderson he gave the film a very iray quality and the music really set the scene building up tension all the time
overall i thought it was a very good film and i can see where alto of films may have been influenced by this film  or viceverser for example similar in some ways to fight club with brad Pitt

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