Saturday, 15 October 2011

computer games part one: 1950s - 1970s

computer games part one

William hihinbotham designed the first video game in 1958 called tennis for two he could of been first to design a game for fun but that was just a simplified version of ping pong or tennis but its still a interesting fun game i think he properly designed it for fun or could also of been just to see if he could but i think the first real video came from Steve Russel in 1962 SPACEWAR because that was the first really inventive game that was about something of our planet something original  spacewar is a 2 player game where u try to shoot each other while trying to avoid going into black holes which i think is an amazing concept for the first ever game  and before several influential films came out to influence his work like star wars or star trek so it is a completely original game and i think this properly influenced a huge mass of games like PAC man or space invaders even films maybe.
Stephen Russel was born in 1937the US and went to Dartmouth college and studied computer science i wish i could say he was British but that's not true.
i find it interesting in comparison with today it took a very intelligent man to design a very simplistic game i think it shows how much games industry has changed or turned into an industry over such a small period of time and how simple things can sometime work very well


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