Tuesday, 25 October 2011

history of computer games part two

history of computer games part two

1980s beging of arcades and the end in 1980 the amzing game space invaders came out on the atari
moving on from spacewar in the 70s came space invaders even more futuristic but i can see how the influences went on , atari a very renown games concsole at the time that in 1982 released the atari 5200 wich had great games that have evolved massivly since like donkey kong and mario to name a few
also another massive game in the 1980 resleaswed by namco is PACMAN  which is one of my all time favourite arcade games if i ever walk past one in an arcade i always have to have a quick go i even downloaded it to my phone  but pacman was a huge influence in game coulture and in my opinon a big landmark in games history aswell as spaceinvaders 

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

L.A. Confidential

la confidential is about 3 cops investigating into a night diner mass murder one of the victims was also one of the 3 cops x partner, i really enjoyed the film it had some very good acting from Russel crow,guy pearce and Kevin spacey.i found the film very enjoyable i think it some major action scenes it really draws you in it almost makes you jump when the action stops  i thought the directing from Curtis Hanson was very good he gave the film great authenticity , i thought it had a great story line abit confusing at times and still don't think i understand the full storyline yet but the main plot was very good the novel was written y James Elroy ide be very interested to read the book to see how it differs from the film i noticed several familiar faces thought out the film which nower days would be considered and all star cast i especially thought Russel crow acting was superb the way he brought and ominous stern but emotional feel to the charter mainly rage thought out and his brute strenght was impress snapping a wooden chair with his hands i wouldn't like to get in the way of him also guy Pearce did very well i liked how he started off  a very justified uptight cop and he was slowly broken thought the film to make an awesome partner ship good cop bad cop with Russel crow.
overall i thought the films was very good
my only critic is that they shouldn't of killed Danny devito

Saturday, 15 October 2011

computer games part one: 1950s - 1970s

computer games part one

William hihinbotham designed the first video game in 1958 called tennis for two he could of been first to design a game for fun but that was just a simplified version of ping pong or tennis but its still a interesting fun game i think he properly designed it for fun or could also of been just to see if he could but i think the first real video came from Steve Russel in 1962 SPACEWAR because that was the first really inventive game that was about something of our planet something original  spacewar is a 2 player game where u try to shoot each other while trying to avoid going into black holes which i think is an amazing concept for the first ever game  and before several influential films came out to influence his work like star wars or star trek so it is a completely original game and i think this properly influenced a huge mass of games like PAC man or space invaders even films maybe.
Stephen Russel was born in 1937the US and went to Dartmouth college and studied computer science i wish i could say he was British but that's not true.
i find it interesting in comparison with today it took a very intelligent man to design a very simplistic game i think it shows how much games industry has changed or turned into an industry over such a small period of time and how simple things can sometime work very well

we watched the machinist today a film about a an industrial worker who hasn't slept in a year and eats very little and is slowly doubting his sanity, christian bale acting in the film is superb and the stress his body must of had to gone under to get so skinny is incredible especially compared to his bodily form in batman, i found his character very intriguing he had allot of depth and emotions and has given me interesting ideas to think about when I'm designing a characters, i enjoyed the film allot because it kept my attentions because i always wanted to know what was going on and to find out this massive plot  i think if i were to watch again i notice lots of little things that lead the underline story in different ways one of the main things in the film that kept me interested and confused was the daysharvu of the film it all kept repeating it self but just in different places a long time before the plot came clear,
i thought the directing seemed very good by brad Anderson he gave the film a very iray quality and the music really set the scene building up tension all the time
overall i thought it was a very good film and i can see where alto of films may have been influenced by this film  or viceverser for example similar in some ways to fight club with brad Pitt

Monday, 10 October 2011

my first 3d mesh of a dalek i really enjoyed this project because it was something very interesting to build Ive never used 3d software before and i found it hard to get my head around but after some help from 2nd and third years it came out OK i started to run out of tris otherwise i would of liked to add the ball shapes on the base
from help from different people i learnt some good working practise techniques  like keeping it in perspective view and using alt and shift more than rotating the screen

Thursday, 6 October 2011


my name is adam osbourne im from stoke on trent I'm studying game art at dmu i chose this course because i wanted to realy progress my skills in traditional and digital skills  and i thought game art was a great way to go. i aspire to be a game artist working in the industry or a concept artist i want to have my own studio full equipment by the end of this year i want to be allot better in 3d software and my perspective drawing especially my architecture drawings because i don't have much previous experience innit but Ive always enjoyed looking at it. i also enjoy sports like boxing and football
my dream job is hard to say because there so many games companies ide like to work for one that Ive liked for years is the odd world inhabitants team ide need to be able to do 3D modeling, textureing, rigging and model conversion as well as helping to take existing assets and get them into the game engine.
ide also love to do concept art especially creature and charter design as a freelance artist i need to have a good anatomy human and animal  knowledge  and imaginative but being able to ground my designs to real life so people can relate

Ive always enjoyed art design and creating my own things but i dint really get into to art until the last 2 years of high school when i realised in academics that was the only thing i was good at so i cracked down and started drawing allot more and focused on my gcse art one of my main influences when i was younger was grandfather he used to take my round galleries and trips to places to look at architecture like Venice and roam and Athens it built up my curiosity for art in general and it made me love exploring and finding new places new scenes one of my favourite places he'd take me was cannock chase where ide go off and find places with fallen down trees or deer,
when i was teenager i relay liked dragon ball z and drew the charters allot but as i got older i went more to the realistic side of character design influenced by Leonardo da vinci and his sketches and how realistic and proportionally correct .i also did allot of creature designs and me and my Friends would design monsters and story lines and different species which i still do today.
at college i did a national diploma in art and design and specialised illustrations because i thought that might give me the best drawing skills to get me where i wanted to be i relay enjoyed college and putt allot of time into my work on my final major project i started working on graphic tablets and it opened a whole new world of art to me i relay enjoyed using it and spent hours everyday on it design concepts and characters http://www.conceptart.org/forums/showthread.php?p=3225563&posted=1#post3225563
i think getting more into computers and photoshop is what led me to game art

outside of art i love keeping fit i started boxing 2 years ago and loved it the fitness side and sparing and ide train 4 times a week but ide always put my art first i also played football allot with my Friends just having a kick about and of course gaming i play mainly xbox 360 games like gears and halo but I've always enjoyed little games on the Internet mainly humours addictive games like burtio bison but i love the art style of  flash games