Tuesday, 12 March 2013

creativity, talent myth and craft

creativity by talent i find interesting ive had this discussion a few times whether artist talent is something your born with or something you develop through personal experience i don't think that you are born with talent just general interest to a certain style of art that draws you or area in life as artist graffiti art may interest you and through practice hard work and development is where you build talent build something worth looking at the would interest someone else and they might take something interesting from that and work on it until maybe there really good intricut line drawing. i find it hard to think whether i was ever good art from birth or if  interested me and i just went with it my brother loved art and drawing and being creative when we were younger also but now he couldn't draw to save his life but he was always better than me but as i worked hard and tried to develop my art he got interested in different thinks but if he started practicing for 2 years and i stopped i think it would be an interesting experiment to see who would come out on top measured by doing the same study both before and after. on the other side i think maybe 10 % or 20 % could be just naturals more creative in there fields  because everybody learns differently i think its more to do with what inspires you that's shapes your creativity.
creativity i think can only be enhanced by technology because it opens up a massive world of new mediums like digital painting and 3d art animation it lets your take your imagition even further from massive final piece painting to 3d sculpt to usable moving character but i do see how the little pressing of buttons and building an unwrapping and technical things in 3ds art could be a hindered because they could stop you from showing your best idea because its to technical for you to overcome but i don't think that's something to worry about hugely just another a barrier to further your designs and hence your creativity.
artist, programmers  writers, art directors, are all highly creative roles  because they all create things for the example writing is a massively creative job thinking up the story-lines writhing something people have to be scared or laugh and characters and thinks that they might say developing another characters brain almost a personality.

creativity looks like that catches your eye draws you in taking something simple like Victorian age for example and twisting an adding changing thinks about the world distorting but still believable that for me is something creative and i found that lion head were making really creative games especially but as they went on i thought they started to take that creative spark away and commercialize it i find everything through a game creativity from top to bottom especially the more traditionally art the concepts and graphic just because it so obviously  creative .

 as artist we show our creativity to be showing something people can see designs finished products and just being noticed by others for what you can do  traditional an no traditional ways ide say ide lean more to say i was skillful through practice rather than talent but i think these words all have very similar meanings  and labels that all boils down to practice .
i no what i need to do develop what im doing and allot more more research more practice more more more ..........................................................................