Sunday, 4 December 2011


the mist

mist a good old fashion Gorey monster movie when i saw the first monster or the tentacles of the monsters i was abit worried about what the film was going to be like but as it went on i actually got into abit i dunno whether i was meant to find it funny but i did find it amusing a points
one of the best points of the films was properly the character development it really showed how people came out there shell and changed under presher and being scared and how the cult slowly formed and how hillbys were turned crazy and soldiers into depression and the scary cult leader who Finlay died to name a few i thought the storyline was not to bad i just thing some of the acting let it down the main properly fault for me because i coudent help but notice was the poor cgi i mean the designs of the creature's wernt bad they properly just dint have a high ought budget i was abit taken aback by the ending because i said that would happen 10 seconds before as a joke i think if they ed of survived or all died would of been better but i think it might be worth reading the original novel because i think it would of been more atmospheric and sad i was taken aback by the ending but after thinking about it abit more i dont think it was as bad as i thought
overall though i  did enjoy the film but i think the end could of been better

issues facing reviews can be from job loss to low pay the main problem it seems is they release to many magazine to fast and don't have time to really asses the games properly and look in detail or at least have big discussions on the game in hand so the writer can clear views from different perspective Ive noticed in several magazine like official xbox and most others for all consoles or PC magazine
that they seem to  just give out really high generic scores out willy nilly mainly 9 and 8 sort of like they ed rushed it ide would like to also hear the opinions of how they could improve the games or what they could maybe do in the next one or what they would like to see for example if i were to right about something like dead island i would say it was a relay interesting concept but needed allot of work on the combat system and punching rigging and for me if they really wanted to improve that they would make the game maybe third person or better combat.
im not sure a 100% than we even need to put a number on games i think its properly an easy most likely lazy way to find out if a games worth getting because you could easily just look at the scores instead of actual reading what the games about and what it has otherwise that's a very simple way for games magazine to rope people in to buy bad games because allot of game look very interesting and have very interesting concept but in realty there not very Good for example fallout awesome concept but bad game.
NGJ i don't really no what to think about new game journalism and on the one side i enjoy looking in to new games and hearing what other people have to say but on the other hand by reading the journalist on the web like kieron gillen they all seem to be just about the money and turning out half decent review as fast as possible but i did like what kerion said "Mag’s offline abilities and toilet-based brows ability are one thing, clearly. The second traditional reason is that they’re mostly – and there’s exceptions, clearly – hugely better written. If you want a little entertainment with your information, mags are where to turn" which i think for me is properly right because i enjoy reading the magazine and looking at in game photos and occasionally conceptual art also like reading about the in game interfaces but alternately you can find reviews online from website like ign that also you can find videos about the games on website and dashboards on console games online where they talk about the games and answer questions that people send in

360 gamer my personal choice for gaming magazines because i think they give realistic reviews and good information about games