Sunday, 4 December 2011


the mist

mist a good old fashion Gorey monster movie when i saw the first monster or the tentacles of the monsters i was abit worried about what the film was going to be like but as it went on i actually got into abit i dunno whether i was meant to find it funny but i did find it amusing a points
one of the best points of the films was properly the character development it really showed how people came out there shell and changed under presher and being scared and how the cult slowly formed and how hillbys were turned crazy and soldiers into depression and the scary cult leader who Finlay died to name a few i thought the storyline was not to bad i just thing some of the acting let it down the main properly fault for me because i coudent help but notice was the poor cgi i mean the designs of the creature's wernt bad they properly just dint have a high ought budget i was abit taken aback by the ending because i said that would happen 10 seconds before as a joke i think if they ed of survived or all died would of been better but i think it might be worth reading the original novel because i think it would of been more atmospheric and sad i was taken aback by the ending but after thinking about it abit more i dont think it was as bad as i thought
overall though i  did enjoy the film but i think the end could of been better

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