Wednesday, 18 January 2012


dead space 2 was released in 2011 its horror action survival game  made by visceral games and sponsored by ea the game is about an engineer called Isaac Clarke and his fight for survival  and  his fight against dementia  that's slowly corrupting his brain  throughout the game its unsure whether all the necromorph attack are just his head being traumatised by all the horrible things hes seen in the first game or whether its all real.the game really gives you a survival instinct always making you jump and  pushing your against harder enemies all the time and new scenarios which makes it very enjoyable to play as well as it being a hard game it gives you lots of tools to play in your own way with several different types of weapons which are fully upgrade Abel.
at the begging of the game your start of waking in a straight jacket on a space ship and a man trying to help you get free an immediately you feel tension that something bad is going to happen and the man is brutality murdered and then your have to escape without the use of your arms with lots of mad things going on around which cause allot pressure to escape and minuver around the monsters and escape throughout the game you experience lots of different emotions because of the gripping and compelling  storyline with even some parts that are surprisingly sad when Friends who are trying ti help die or escape thanks too your help but most of the time there is allot of tension when a monster is coming towards and you have to tactically dismember its limbs to efficiently kill them while trying to use as little ammo as possible or walking down a corridor and little things might make you jump like gas pipes or pumping into something  or big things like in a tiny elevator and the lights turn of and you jump out your skin when a huge monster that looks like something out of the thing drops from the ceiling or a corpse which you thought was dead just reanimating it self when you get close.
also what really sets the atmosphere is the sounds like little screeches or screaming in the background sometimes no sound at all that makes you unconsciously hold your breath for something about to happen.

i really enjoyed playing it and highly recommend its because of  it awesome story line and realistic believable charters and boss fights with brilliant graphics and you can really tell that they've put a huge amount of time in designs the awesome landscapes  and flow in the game with amazing game play asetts.
i thing the game was influenced by thing like the thing and resendent evil

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