Monday, 3 December 2012

game engines

game engines are the interface on which we build games an interactive show reel of the collective artist work. they are how we play games its a very competitive market and always being developed by big company trying to get the best and most realistic they can out of the game industry.
the biggest leading game engines at the moment are unreal game engine that has been used in several big games and company names like like bio ware ,gears of war, lost planet dishonored, borderlands, and its main composition in the game engines is cry engine

udk :what ive noticed about some of the titles  that udk release all seam not unrealistic but alot of imaginering from the titles realstic games that out of this world like mass effect and gears of war.
not necessarily all the there games because there are games set in our universe ,but for me it just seems that they are very good at doing imation games 
udk does seem to have some good lighting systems that look realstic but you do have to set them up witch could be trickey for a beginer. what looked realy cool that could be of alot of use in udk was the being able to texture paint in an enviroment  and making your own brushes like blood or foliage cud be a massive help in making a , game really stand out espialy in udk there's pinpoint reflections an shadows on something like water could look good.

cry: where as cryengine as well as being good at imagtive games i think its very good at making things look very realstic at games like ghost sniper , far cry and immensely realistic game . an has also bein used to make simulation games for the milatary training .
also the lighting system is easy to build in engine and i think the lighting look realstic because its sharpness and colur that sets a mood over the hole scene and it does have full time day lighting that fades like real life seamlessly. another big thing that i noticed in cry is that the weather conditions look very realistic and allot easier to build an setup.

both: both engines are very good for lots of diffrent thinks and both can similar thing to each other  but i think cryengine has the edge on realism because of the weather conditions and lighting options and the games theve produced profesnials would have good reasoning for picking that game engine and udk has the edge on imagation games.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

practice fmp

FMP ideas

fmp ideas :  prohibition in america playing as moon shine sellers trying to go big time and make lots of money - or a game of lawless based on the original book and characters not the movie version but being able to things like ; make moonshine runs, run from cops , race , bar fights , shop

fmp idea 2:  A Game based on "of mice and men" from the original text 

fmp idea 3 : alskan zombie game main enemies being the animals in Alaska going mad and being able to hunt using the senses 

fmp idea 4 : Aztec man trying to survive from the invading new world america 

of mice and men

of mice and men is one of my favorite films from my high school years and left a very distinct impression on my mind , and i think it could be turned into a great game and very emotial great story line and set in a very interesting era the great depressing maybe its to early to release  a game of mice and men because its might still be fresh in peoples minds but i think it could make really interesting fmp.

spec: 360 and ps3 game level based game or free roaming ,third person , action drama game , brawling an game and occasional shooting game for 18 and above audience , my aim would be to create a realistic high Polly game and really make the character come to life in the modeling of them, to show there character through rigging pose and to create a realistic environment.for unreal game engine because it would better soot my style of modeling and if i chose to stylise it be easier in udk. 

main character : George Milton because hes the smarter more aggressive character and think he'd be better to play as because he could lead George around like a helper like in the game army of two and because he handy in a fight i think could be good combat system for him
spec: 1000 tris 
1x1024 difuse
1x1024 bump
1x1024 spec

npc: the second character would be big love able daft Lenny small clearly appropriately named, i think this character would be lead by Lenny like in the film having to be constantly watched to make sure he doesn't brake something.
spec: 1000 tris
 1x 1024 difuse
 1x 1024 bump
1x 1024 spec

vechile: for the vechile ide like to make one of the hay loading trucks or horse lead carts full of hay bails that the works have loaded up.
spec :3000 tris
1x1024 difuse
1x1024 bump
1x1024 spec
1 x 1024 ambient oclosion

enviroment: tyler ranch where they work in the film barn and feild with the cart in mane enviroment assent bein the bard where they sleep 
spec :3x difuse 512
3x bump 512
3x spec 512

props and scenary object : hay bails  trees picket fences 
spec :1x 512 diffuse map
1x bump map
1x spec map