Saturday, 26 November 2011

i find it hard to really remember the first game that i ever played but the one that impacted me the most was properly Abe's Odyssey releases in 1997 on ps1 developed by oddworld inhabitants the game was about a race called the mudcons particular Abe who worked/slave  for ruptor farms that develop a new type of food called new and tasty until he finds out mudkons are goin to be the main ingredients and then games is about trying to rescue all the slaves and  i think this was so memorable because of the storyline and the humour and it was a very atmospheric game in the cut scenes  but it was still light enough to really enjoy as kid i still find his catch frases funny and the way he says them  for the time it was a very interactive game because u had to communicate with the slaves to be able to complete the mission like stay here and follow me which i found very funn at the time because u could tell the slaves to stand somewhere where they shouldn't just see them explode or get shot or die in several amusing ways and the chunks of them would bounce of the screen almost like 3d .
i think if similar games were to progress in the  future they would become even more interactive having the hole world around you change to this big character decision ide like for games to become more interactive not nessiarily like kinect or wee i still enjoy lazy games like console and PC maybe just more in the game like glasses or screens that surround you and immerse your in the game .in the future ide love for them to make another odd world games where your have to talk maybe to rescue slaves or Friends .ide also love to see on the other side of spectrum a game like mass effect being fully immerse where your in the game walking around running shooting like an army simulator without having to leave your home or feel any pain just controlled by your brain

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

lock stock and two barrels smoking barrels

lock stock and two barrels smoking barrels

its a film about 4 working class lads who put all there money together to put in to a big money card
 game and they owe half a million to a very dangerous man who already has it out for them
and they have to try get the cash back to him in a week or they start loosing fingers a day
i enjoyed the film i thought it was very witty and fast passed allot of the film i  was just laughing because i  no idea whats going on just really funny twist i thought the acting between the 4 main guys  was very funny and throughout the film the script was sometimes hard to know what they were saying with there London slang  but some very witty lines came out of it  i thought the plot was very interesting  how they all interconnected was very good and i thought you could almost predict what was going to happen but then the opposite would happen in a big bloody mess i think what helped with the humour was the sound tracks  sort of cheesy but up beat songs i thought some of the actors wernt very good though they looked abit hesitant and awkward like they ed forgot there line but overall it wasn't to noticeable i enjoyed Vinny Jones just annihilating everyone as well even thoughg his acting isn't very good 

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

the middle of history computer games

the middle history of computer games

1980s was massive period of time for gaming history this is when games slowly started to get more money behind them also the RISE OF NINTENDO gumpei yokoi invented the game virtual boy one my favourite hand held consoles which since then i got an emulator for my PC so i could play Pokemon he also worked famicom on the metroid series which was for me a massive influence in designs and has now turned into a huge game that for me peaked when prim got onto smash brother's but i always love metroid prime also one of the first games where you could play first and third person.
also single player games became huge especially first person shooter games which developed to big multiplayer fps like doom in 1993 which is one of the biggest games ever  but online multiplayer games dint come till the 1990 even tho they had the technology to do in the 1980s on something like a commodor 64 i think its because when games were still on the way up they were single player games that u would properly sit on your own and play in your own homes compared 2 big machines in arcades youed play with your Friends.
for me what really made the golden age (1980) special was games like legend of Zelda and the ocarina of time and the first castlevani with have both turned into huge games i especially like the newest castlvani graphic improved by 1000 percent in only 20 to 30 years also of course they finally made resident evil and metal gear which are both massively influences on several games i can still see
amazing games my favourite being 7an 8 and 9 final fansty is different because i think where as i liked to see more mgs to carry on the storyline where i wish they'd stop realising final fansty because everything they do is the same for me anyways.
the 1990s was the invaiton video gaming It was a the big transition from raster graphics to 3D graphics and sprouted lots of diffrent genres like real time strages,mmo and more
the 1990s was also a big decade for epic megagames now epic games who have recently realside one of my favorite serous and one of the most inotive and well built seris gears of war
also the sega mega drive the did very well and lifted of some massive charters like sonic and mario very diffrent style of games to what epic produce but both work well for ive always liked more serius games persnaly even when i was younger i liked stuff like mortal combat even thow my mother dint know i had beacuse it was to violent
a big seller also was alone in the dark an orignal horror game  that set the standars for alot of other horrors which changed the way alot games built horror games

1996 id software allowed them to build QUAKE which was massive for me and online multiplayer game simliar to things like halo but darker in highschoool nearlyy every lesson would end in everyone playing quake 1 online in the class but the lab computers wouldent hold it so everyone would redowload in every lesson the game was really interesting i think it was almost as bigger influence on games as doom for me u can really see how game like unreal tournament and gears of war have been influenced by these games by the massive gun and futuristic elements and and big beefy characters .
for me games that have been my biggest influence to my own work were in the 80s even thought i wasn't born then they still made a big impact on what kind of things i enjoy