Saturday, 26 November 2011

i find it hard to really remember the first game that i ever played but the one that impacted me the most was properly Abe's Odyssey releases in 1997 on ps1 developed by oddworld inhabitants the game was about a race called the mudcons particular Abe who worked/slave  for ruptor farms that develop a new type of food called new and tasty until he finds out mudkons are goin to be the main ingredients and then games is about trying to rescue all the slaves and  i think this was so memorable because of the storyline and the humour and it was a very atmospheric game in the cut scenes  but it was still light enough to really enjoy as kid i still find his catch frases funny and the way he says them  for the time it was a very interactive game because u had to communicate with the slaves to be able to complete the mission like stay here and follow me which i found very funn at the time because u could tell the slaves to stand somewhere where they shouldn't just see them explode or get shot or die in several amusing ways and the chunks of them would bounce of the screen almost like 3d .
i think if similar games were to progress in the  future they would become even more interactive having the hole world around you change to this big character decision ide like for games to become more interactive not nessiarily like kinect or wee i still enjoy lazy games like console and PC maybe just more in the game like glasses or screens that surround you and immerse your in the game .in the future ide love for them to make another odd world games where your have to talk maybe to rescue slaves or Friends .ide also love to see on the other side of spectrum a game like mass effect being fully immerse where your in the game walking around running shooting like an army simulator without having to leave your home or feel any pain just controlled by your brain

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