Sunday, 17 February 2013

generalist to specialist

art director is the person who makes sure the game all fits in together and keep the overall theme of the game without makes thinks look mismatched so that game is a believable world the art director will check all the other artist work an all the work that the artist do goes through the director for feedback and critt will also be in charge of all the different artist that work on the game and the the specialist which is what im trying to work towards at the moment as well as been a jack of all trades working hard one to get into the industry with witch for me is character design as a 3d artist and or concept artist but they'd also have to look over the vehicle artist, characters , environments , weapon an vfx artist.
game artist on a hole create everything you see in the games witch make up the game world and the animators create and define there movement .
producer is responsible for managing the development process and keep everybody in harmony and also managing the deadline an keeping everybody on well as the external producer works on keeping the game on track with the original concepts.
publishers is in between the merchant and an manged the process for the funds to develop the game and set milestones of where they need to be at and at the sales end it will cover the marketing and selling of the game  but alot of the task can be contracted out to other company's like advisement, the publishers are the ones who keep the majority of the earnings for the said game an have to pay game developers who also get royalties from the game .
game designers are the people who come up with the idea of the game and what it consist of an how it plays through and decide what they want in there game for example whether its goin to be a first or 3rd person shooter or horror or action and have to research and develop the ideas for the game which to me sounds like a very interesting job especially the initial idea for a game i think kick starting a game coming up with the idea would be a very cool job an being able to watch your idea develop into a full game sounds really good . which also has lots of different areas like map builder who for example in our queens project would be the udk mad who would place all the assets and build the map with what the 3d artist had built, as well as illustrators ,graphic designers, level editors and script writer who write the story line for the game and character bio
programmers are technical developers and are in charge of writing the code that actual make the game work with several different disciplines including programming the a.i gamplay, graphics , action scripting, platform designer and more
audio the people who design the sounds for the game and the sound effects and even sometimes watch over the voice recordings.

interaction design

interaction design i think is very interesting market and i think has only just begone to be tapped into with wii and xboxs kinect there still so much that is yet to be improved on so far i think the wii could bring a hole new level to gaming in general at the moment its only real used for family entertainment and younger genretion wii sport games a such but i think the capabilities could be used for alot more not just serious gaming for example use for the army simulators it essence like an arcade game when you hold the gun as the controller but the environment of the game projected around you training soilders pilots for real time warfare but i think one of the biggest obsticules would be movement in the game the game would you have to be in an empty room to move around without hitting anything you wouldn't even have to have a controller already kinect 2 has been developed to take in alot more depth an individual  fingers movement so the flick of your finger could fire a weopon it wont be long before its even more in depth. the wii and kinect have opened up a massive market for improvement and space to reinvent gaming. so far the consoles can sense where your are and allow you thinks run jump do activates as an avatar i think it will be really interesting when you as player can feel the game for example a console where you put a helmet on an gloves and run and jump an  get shot at feel vibrations or pressure on your gloves as you play. 3d technology has been rising as well and has become alot more exsesable at the cinemar 3d games, seeing a film around you and popping out at you i don't think it will be long before both are merged together 3d goggles with interactive movements. i think the rise of the wii has brought a big new market for games i think the only downfall to interactive games is that when alot of people play video games they lie to sit at home and chill out and play them not run around in your living room like a gym alot prefer sitting on a sofa twiddling there thumbs me included an getting emersed in the story line but with the market it brings alot more active to people to buying  games which is proaply a good think for people in general and the gaming industry on a hole . 

Friday, 15 February 2013

sound for games 

the sound for games is one of the most important elements in a game because without the sound the games seems boring sound adds atmosphere ,tension , sadness , realism and really sucks you into a game in general also masivly helps show genre like horror or comedy by quirky music or a noise that makes you jump. and what reminds you of  a game is the games soundtrack and brings back memories of when you were playing the game in boss battles or scoring a big goal or screaming like a girl in a horror game the sounds wile be what reminds you of it . from my research ive found that a big majority of the most famous composers ive found and from games i rember the soundtracks from are Japanese i think  that's because alot of our most played games are Japanese company's like for example one of the most famous games Pokemon huge part of alot of children life but i still rember playing the game and the music popping up when your about to go into battle and if i hear it today i instanly know where its from  pokemon sounds were done by junichi masuda who always worked on smash bros brawl which arguably one of my Favorite games .another massive name koji konda  for game sound who worked on mario brothers which of course is a huge name and has some very recognizable sounds but for me propaly the game sounds that most recognizable would be halo whenever i would play halo an the opening mission of the third game the sound would always start to get me pumped for the game and i think also for advertisement purposes realy bring out the game is the sound. and makes you rember it allot more. i think music moved forward into alot more depth in games when ps2 came out because when ps1 games were out and retro games the majority of game used retro soundtracks and more like sound effects then actual acoustic songs and games started to high full bands like for metal gear solid 2.
 Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards composition good times is it the most influential recording made in 20th century ? i think its really hard to say that one recording can be the most influential because there so many in 20th century to compete  but it did go triple platinum and shot to NO.1 which shows it must have been a massive influence but im not sure if it can be classes the most but my opinion i think its to hard to say one is the most influential 

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

mortal engines

mortal engines self portrait : reading the book i got a sense that the people on the earth not on the floating cities would be quite interesting people who would gather an scavenge metal a scrap from fallen ships and left cities also the maybe some the scavenge crews that are sent out after one another cities destroyed each other. so first of i started mood boarding an found some great reference from movies that i enjoyed that i think have steam punk elements like the road and book of eli both of which are the world after its ended type films like mortal engines  i chose to get images of steam punk characters who were really dirty an scratched damaged which wanted  i want to convey in my character an aged version of myself .

i then moved on throwing down some thumbnails quick silhouette to get down the shapes i wanted i did a few variation i quite liked the idea of having a scarf round the neck an some sort dust mask to cover the face but i thought since it was a self portrait properly be better if i showed the face more .
i liked the idea of a big bag to make my character more interesting and bring a better silhouette to the side view . it then moved onto my final turnarounds which i think came out ok an will be good to mold around for my 3d model.