Friday, 15 February 2013

sound for games 

the sound for games is one of the most important elements in a game because without the sound the games seems boring sound adds atmosphere ,tension , sadness , realism and really sucks you into a game in general also masivly helps show genre like horror or comedy by quirky music or a noise that makes you jump. and what reminds you of  a game is the games soundtrack and brings back memories of when you were playing the game in boss battles or scoring a big goal or screaming like a girl in a horror game the sounds wile be what reminds you of it . from my research ive found that a big majority of the most famous composers ive found and from games i rember the soundtracks from are Japanese i think  that's because alot of our most played games are Japanese company's like for example one of the most famous games Pokemon huge part of alot of children life but i still rember playing the game and the music popping up when your about to go into battle and if i hear it today i instanly know where its from  pokemon sounds were done by junichi masuda who always worked on smash bros brawl which arguably one of my Favorite games .another massive name koji konda  for game sound who worked on mario brothers which of course is a huge name and has some very recognizable sounds but for me propaly the game sounds that most recognizable would be halo whenever i would play halo an the opening mission of the third game the sound would always start to get me pumped for the game and i think also for advertisement purposes realy bring out the game is the sound. and makes you rember it allot more. i think music moved forward into alot more depth in games when ps2 came out because when ps1 games were out and retro games the majority of game used retro soundtracks and more like sound effects then actual acoustic songs and games started to high full bands like for metal gear solid 2.
 Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards composition good times is it the most influential recording made in 20th century ? i think its really hard to say that one recording can be the most influential because there so many in 20th century to compete  but it did go triple platinum and shot to NO.1 which shows it must have been a massive influence but im not sure if it can be classes the most but my opinion i think its to hard to say one is the most influential 

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