Wednesday, 6 February 2013

mortal engines

mortal engines self portrait : reading the book i got a sense that the people on the earth not on the floating cities would be quite interesting people who would gather an scavenge metal a scrap from fallen ships and left cities also the maybe some the scavenge crews that are sent out after one another cities destroyed each other. so first of i started mood boarding an found some great reference from movies that i enjoyed that i think have steam punk elements like the road and book of eli both of which are the world after its ended type films like mortal engines  i chose to get images of steam punk characters who were really dirty an scratched damaged which wanted  i want to convey in my character an aged version of myself .

i then moved on throwing down some thumbnails quick silhouette to get down the shapes i wanted i did a few variation i quite liked the idea of having a scarf round the neck an some sort dust mask to cover the face but i thought since it was a self portrait properly be better if i showed the face more .
i liked the idea of a big bag to make my character more interesting and bring a better silhouette to the side view . it then moved onto my final turnarounds which i think came out ok an will be good to mold around for my 3d model.

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