Wednesday, 19 October 2011

L.A. Confidential

la confidential is about 3 cops investigating into a night diner mass murder one of the victims was also one of the 3 cops x partner, i really enjoyed the film it had some very good acting from Russel crow,guy pearce and Kevin spacey.i found the film very enjoyable i think it some major action scenes it really draws you in it almost makes you jump when the action stops  i thought the directing from Curtis Hanson was very good he gave the film great authenticity , i thought it had a great story line abit confusing at times and still don't think i understand the full storyline yet but the main plot was very good the novel was written y James Elroy ide be very interested to read the book to see how it differs from the film i noticed several familiar faces thought out the film which nower days would be considered and all star cast i especially thought Russel crow acting was superb the way he brought and ominous stern but emotional feel to the charter mainly rage thought out and his brute strenght was impress snapping a wooden chair with his hands i wouldn't like to get in the way of him also guy Pearce did very well i liked how he started off  a very justified uptight cop and he was slowly broken thought the film to make an awesome partner ship good cop bad cop with Russel crow.
overall i thought the films was very good
my only critic is that they shouldn't of killed Danny devito

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