Thursday, 6 October 2011


my name is adam osbourne im from stoke on trent I'm studying game art at dmu i chose this course because i wanted to realy progress my skills in traditional and digital skills  and i thought game art was a great way to go. i aspire to be a game artist working in the industry or a concept artist i want to have my own studio full equipment by the end of this year i want to be allot better in 3d software and my perspective drawing especially my architecture drawings because i don't have much previous experience innit but Ive always enjoyed looking at it. i also enjoy sports like boxing and football
my dream job is hard to say because there so many games companies ide like to work for one that Ive liked for years is the odd world inhabitants team ide need to be able to do 3D modeling, textureing, rigging and model conversion as well as helping to take existing assets and get them into the game engine.
ide also love to do concept art especially creature and charter design as a freelance artist i need to have a good anatomy human and animal  knowledge  and imaginative but being able to ground my designs to real life so people can relate

Ive always enjoyed art design and creating my own things but i dint really get into to art until the last 2 years of high school when i realised in academics that was the only thing i was good at so i cracked down and started drawing allot more and focused on my gcse art one of my main influences when i was younger was grandfather he used to take my round galleries and trips to places to look at architecture like Venice and roam and Athens it built up my curiosity for art in general and it made me love exploring and finding new places new scenes one of my favourite places he'd take me was cannock chase where ide go off and find places with fallen down trees or deer,
when i was teenager i relay liked dragon ball z and drew the charters allot but as i got older i went more to the realistic side of character design influenced by Leonardo da vinci and his sketches and how realistic and proportionally correct .i also did allot of creature designs and me and my Friends would design monsters and story lines and different species which i still do today.
at college i did a national diploma in art and design and specialised illustrations because i thought that might give me the best drawing skills to get me where i wanted to be i relay enjoyed college and putt allot of time into my work on my final major project i started working on graphic tablets and it opened a whole new world of art to me i relay enjoyed using it and spent hours everyday on it design concepts and characters
i think getting more into computers and photoshop is what led me to game art

outside of art i love keeping fit i started boxing 2 years ago and loved it the fitness side and sparing and ide train 4 times a week but ide always put my art first i also played football allot with my Friends just having a kick about and of course gaming i play mainly xbox 360 games like gears and halo but I've always enjoyed little games on the Internet mainly humours addictive games like burtio bison but i love the art style of  flash games

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    How OZ and MYOZOTO .
    And ZOORT is telling all about it with DON- KIZ- 14.
    So is BILLY BOO 222 and SAHARA RED 22.
    COCNINES - COCONS- with MP3.
    It's a definite KILLA COLES.
    Say WATT?