Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Elements of game design part six : visual composition

William wu’s concept art on assains creed who I thought would be a great master to base my blog about visual composition because he seems to have an immense understanding of composition . the main thing that in these paintings he’s trying to convey is different weather . in the first painting called taking flight I thought was amazing not necessarily very hard composition or in depth in the in essence it’s a simple layout just a diagonal composition but if you silhouetted the character an the bird you would still have a very clear understanding of what was happening Connor the main character realizing his bird into flight but I think the little things in the image show what the artist was going for in the way that the trees bring the image forward an light bouncing of the inner side an behind the eagle reflecting Connor head to make it stand out .a quote from the art director “ the snow covers everything to is basic shapes. It makes it unique to compose a scene because all you see is silhouette, the plain surface. less is more on ac3 “I think the key words from that quote would be silhouette and less is more that’s the main reason I chose this artist because he doesn’t have to put in mass detail but has a clear composition and shape .

the second paint is one of the more classic painting of ac of Connor from a height looking down on a scene planning his attack the artist would have a good understanding of how the game plays an how strategically u need to be but the way the composition is awesome but what I think brings it to life is the backdrop an the minute simple details of the mist and the made made fires and the smoke coming up from the heat but again if u brake down the image very clear silhouette.

This image called white light , white heat which I think just from the title gives you instantly more knowledge into the image I think this painting show how much of a master concept artist William wu’s really is without having to go into to masses of detail it look very realistic an he dint even have to paint an of the faces because the speed thatches trying to convey and the white breath flowing out there faces showing lots of cold an exasperation from exercise an adrenaline and you can get all that just from the angle of the heat an how much witch I think is incredible also the mist covering people in the foreground of his chasers everything seems empty white but nothing is empty at the same time everything has information going through it almost looks like single point perspective going backwards from Connor foot.
In conclusion I think knowing your environments inspires your composition whether its big white trees making composition or damaged buildings going of into the distance. an knowing different reactions in the paint like speed blur and heat smoke fire mist 

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