Monday, 19 November 2012

war of the worlds
2005 movie

after finishing my concept i designed to watch the film and write a review of the war of the worlds  to see how my design might fit into the world me design being an organic blood harvesting tripod.

my opinion on the film may be abit bi est from being one of my favorite childhood films so im goin try to be open about the film, from the get go i enjoyed i think the way the characters were introduced instantly showed of there personalty which i think is important in this kind of film .the main character tom cruise instantly comes of as bit of wise ass but in charismatic way even threw some of the bad times in the film he still manged to be abit funny but as the films evolves i thing u get abit more of grasp of his personalty bit lazy bit realy does love his family and throw himself straight into danger without a second thought but i think maybe in the film they mad a little to smart an very level headed in his reactions to what was going on around him not just a panic craze for example when the tripods find him an the deluded stranger hes very good at sneaking about an he pulls out a mirror to distracted the alien and the way he new to grab grenede before the tripods took him .but i can see how this is a speilberg film an how it made the film alot more epic, apart from that i think tom cruise did a great job of acting an playing several diffrent emotion like a strong father who brakes down under presure an overcoming it an letting go. roby is obviusly anoyed  with his father about the divorce always acting abit of pratt almost an winding up his father by calling him by his first name but he also very carrying for his mother an sister ,but he has alot of fight in him always trying to join the fight an get revenge on the aliens after destroying some of there world . the daughter played by dakota fanning who i think did amazing job in the film is obviusly a mommy's girl an mabye abit spoilt with ensiety issuse but i think she did very well considering the situation i think dakota did a great job from a young age understanding the level of what what was goin on an being able to act around pretend dead bodies and death people blood an dust. i chose to write about the characters idivudly because i think its good to know an read characters and being able to show there traits an personalty through design work .

steven speilberg obviously a great director i realy enjoyed the way this film was shot making simple things look more epic with dynamic filming like 360 spins showing the chacter emotions an flying through house in an interesting way, which brings out the best thinks in the characters an i think his most creative scene was when the alein find them in the house an shooting the footage from intersting angles making the scene look allot more sneaky an more complex making it seem a few times that they were very close to being caugth.
normally when i watch films that are a while back an early twenty first century the cgi and special effects annoy me because i think my mind has bein ruined by awesome cgi like avater an transforms but i think the special effect were very good in this not just the cgi but the camera tricks an the way it was shot really pulled of i know its only done in 2005 but still think it was great obviously some good design work behind the scenes an aliens.

overall i would rate this film a 7 defiantly worth a watch 

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