Monday, 19 November 2012

war of the worlds project brief 

war of the worlds project our project is to design one of the war of the worlds tripods in own style so straight away i thought because of the last vehicle project i would go for something organic an i know i based my vehicle project on animals like bats so this time i wanted to designs something from organic plants so i went of an found some refence images that gave me a strong idea of shape and form.

 i really like the shapes but i wasn't a fan of the colour they looked to happy where as i wanted mine to be aggressive terrifying monster              

i think especially the head peice was strongly infulenced by plants but i dont think the face is good enough yet or scary enough i think it looks to generic so i went into more detail  but i try ed design the head after i designed  the humanoid foot soilder slash/pilot so they look like the same species#
i really think the humanoid helped push my design forward i think im ready for my orthographic images 

      an then i decide to do some quick sketches once i had my design nailed down did some little concepts  
finished my design that im happy with and ready to get my sculpting  on the go

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