Wednesday, 24 October 2012

planning an concepting 

planning and concepting in its simple is form is properly the only way to produce great image. 
reading through the essay on planning an concepting  is very clear what you should be doing an alot of these things ive already been doin but reading through make me laugh because in his rants i know ive done some of these things hes talking about, mabye not recently but for example just starting with a head design an throwing a boddy underneath it an asking a friend to look at it, an saying things like arms are too long, try giving it an awesome weapon ,even the the bits i have been doing doesn't add upto the depth that is shown an what i shud be doing.but before i even got into the final touches i should of organised my time. reading through the essay i realse how much knowledge some of these artist before he had even started his piece he know a huge amount about what he was looking for an what he would like to achive " a moment a very specific moment the moment before action the moment of instinct and decsion" he knew alot more about his piece what he wanted to achieve then i would near the end of my design sometimes this is something i really need to work on an i think that is a huge help to his image from reading that an then looking at his image i can instantly tell what he was going for an comes of. then he goes looking for inspiration which ive always know was key i always find it one of the best ways to motivate myself to produce an image seeing some work that is amazing makes you want to create something as well  reading on think it would be a good idea to write my ideas down straight away in titles an in question just from readings thing ideas pop into my head so from now on when im designing a concept write a breif if i wont have one and some of the things i would like to achieve in my image. iv been realizing for a while now thumnailing is key to design a good image especially the higher level art you want to produce the more effident it is that you need more planning.
realism is key not necessarily photo realism but giving the audience something they can relate lighting scenery realistic composition  atmosphere from reading the essay that's one of the things that shout out to me.
after this assignment ide hope ive learnt not to forget the most important part of concepting the planning and process that take you to your final image an not just going straight into the final image starting in the center of the page with the eye

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