Wednesday, 17 October 2012

I really enjoyed last year I struggled at times but I think nothing worth doing comes easy, In the first year I think with intensity of the course I improved a lot in what I can achieve opened up all my skills to a new world of designs etc. 3d painting digi concepting. Also one of the main thinks the first year gave me is everything I make or draw being more 3dimensial in drawings in sculpting in everything which I thing is key in drawing, but I think all these fundamentals I think I’ve learned need a lot of honeying.
wesly burt

last of us 
Year two aspirations made it to year two now I this year what I would really like to get better at and achieve is my concepting skills an my ability to really smash ideas an great concepts out espialy in my character art. to be able to throw down really interesting composition an characters and not just basic designs interesting ideas not just in the face but all over body and make my characters blend together on a whole also,this year ide like to try really define my style in original fashion an keep working on it,an be able to transfer my stylised characters into 3d ide like it be stylised realism prime reference for what kind of artwork I would like achieve someday is the level concept art from, the last of us being able to paint a highley realistic people an express there character through little thinks making them come to life like the way the girls legs are pushed out like a child neck craned with big smile clearly laughing­ an little appliance around like bags empty cans camp fire shows what kind of a game it is survival , but doing an making it look awesome without having to pump hours an hours into a painting rendering each think which is something I highly admire this work also reminds me of Andrew Loomis advertisement  work. Another artist in slightly different style which ide love to achieve  Wesley Burt work taken from his Kane an lynch project I really enjoyed how he can change a character just by adapting little things, which I think will be hugely important if I ever brake into the industry ­being able to get down quick sketches showing different character s just by tweaking aspects. is what I would very much like to work at this year .away from just the art side of this year ide like to become a better writer, in my blogs an self-analysis because I think that will help me all round being able to look my own work an critic better an make descions on where to go with it will help me if I have better knowledge of how to write about what I’m doing an to explain to others my thought proses so im not the only person who knows what im thinking espialy if was working with art director.

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