Tuesday, 28 February 2012

part two art director

an art director is in charge of the look and genral style of the game and to make sure the game is meeting its deadlines  one of the main parts about being an art director is keeping the stylisation of the game together and constant throughout for example strong stylistic games like bring and street fighter that have constant style from the begging concept art to the final product the art director is responsible for the art staff .
i think its a creative role because you have to have allot of knowledge about art and be able to show your vision for the film through the scenes i think its very artist but not in the sense that you have to be able to draw not that they necessarily cant but i think it more important to be able to show your style thought the whole team
games art directing could be considered as similar because both roles your trying to portray a story a mood through style but the obvious main difference is film directing majorly working with  real people and trying to invoke a mood through acting where as games art directing is trying to invoke a story also thought characters but let you interact with the mood of the game and what you see
also directing a film is the storyline everything where art directing for games is just the art side nothing to do with the storyline
i think if i wanted to become an art director i would have to build a big knowledge on games  an art and history and stronger leadership skills mainly i think idea have to really develop my own style so that ide be able to influence other people to work to the style I'm after

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