Tuesday, 28 February 2012

part 3: character

i think its hard to thing of an individual character from films or books that give of feeling because all well made films let you relate to characters and give you an impression of them as you would in real life very fast we seem to make assumptions of people and get a gist of what there like the main way in films they would do something ab it extreme to give an impression of someone  like someone being a nice guy helping an old lady across the street or a man being a womaniser by waking up with a woman or talking about women allot a good film that instantly give you an impression of these 3 main characters the first within the first 2 Min's you can tell he works hard but hes ab it of a pushover who gets ab it annoyed but has to hide it ill let people walk all over him but i think what  makes the audience  like him is one because hes funny character and when he overcomes his shortcomings  and stands up to the boss the other characters is likable just because hes ab it daft and gets him stook in amusing situations and hes ab it squeamish about them and the last character you like because hes abit of a lad a womaniser but still seems to be a very nice guy and has a cheeky face.
another character that relates to game characters hugely i think would be troy because everybody loves to play as character who kicks ass and just batters everybody in style which what most games are about i think what attracts people to characters like troy is one the acting but mainly i think the look of the character like women would Fancy him and men would appreciate the alpha maleness of him nobody wants to play as a Winny character people i think want to play or watch someone who who is invigorating and basically awesome like argon or gladiator for example.
stories that attract me are good story lined exiting films drama but for me in most films acting skills are key i will watch specific films because i know certain actors are in it so its properly going to be good stories what attracts me inparticuler are epic story lined films that are set in other worlds like sci fi war of the world or big journey films for example lord of the rings or a film that i thing looks good hunger games because its a grounded and relates to real life but set in a place that's diff rent system different way there world works

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