Saturday, 18 February 2012

intersting character design mayan warrior

interesting character design Mayan warrior

for my interesting character design Ive chosen to design a Mayan warrior from a strong influence from the film apocalypto because it has really amazing designs and coincidentally one of my favourite films so thought it might be a good idea to review the film.
the Mayan civilization faces it downfall and in effort to stop there dismisses they build massive temples to worship the gos and to make sacrifice which needs slaves and sacrifices the story revolvers around Jaguar paw and his clan who live in the Forrest and are stolen for sacrifice and Jaguar paw is the only member to survivor by fleeing and eventually fighting back whittling of the enemies in clever ways there is a huge amount of character development throughout for example Jaguar paw starts out abit normally scared as he should be he is very motivated to survivor  and as hes fleeing after a close moment with a Jaguar he has a moment of clarity and says this is my Forrest and then he fights back using all the tricks of the Forrest .directed by Mel Gibson who looks like has done a really good job the film i think is very visual like ridley Scott's you could watch the film and no whats going on its also in subtitles which actually made me enjoy the film more because it make you main concentrate on what you see Rather than hear but also different to ridley films apocalypto is a fast passed film always locked in like ridley but it goes on a big loop retuning to same king of thing as the beginning where as ridley doesn't .the film also has beautifull settings which would be amazing to make in a game filmed in different parts of Mexico and the film really gives of the sound that places you right there the film also has a interesting ending big boats with the cross on them coming to the shore of there Forrest .


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